A small privately owned UK business.  Like yours.

In other words: a business that understands what you need.

And above all, we're specialists...

The Edge business is built around a single core speciality - small business forecasting.  It's all we do.  

Our consultancy business "Edge Forecast" is a one-stop service which combines scoping, financial modelling and supporting clients with tailor-made forecast models for loans, investment pitches and general business-planning.  We have a unique position in this sector.

The Edge Forecast Template is a specially developed version of the software we use in our business every day. It's designed to make our approach available to anyone who wants or needs to build their own forecast.  For them it offers a quick, affordable and effective solution for what can be a time-consuming and sometimes painful problem. 

Edge was started by Simon Thompson in 2011 and remains a small privately-owned UK business, later crowd-funded by a handful of private investors.  

Our mission remains to do one thing and do it better than anyone else.

Simon Thompson

Simon Thompson

"I started Edge in 2011 when I was looking for a niche in accountancy.

I have an unusually broad range of commercial experience.  I've advised and worked for businesses big, small and everywhere in between: industry and commerce; builders and restaurants, manufacturers, wine companies and food-brands, e-businesses and hairdressers; you name it and its been on on my desk at some point.  

Along the way I've raised significant sums of equity and debt finance for my own and other businesses and I'm fairly sure I've built more financial forecasts in the last 3 years than any one else in the UK."