The perfect solution for start-up and smaller bank loans

Create fast, easy cash flows with its simple guided 8 step process.

So much better than the average cash flow template

Smaller loans generally require simpler financials - usually just a straightforward cash flow projection.

The Edge Forecast Template is just as good at delivering these simple numbers as it is at creating a full scale financial model.  Unlike most cash flow templates, which require you to work out your cash flow in your head, and then enter the figures, The Edge Template asks you to enter straightforward information and assumptions about your finances - in a series of logical, easy to follow steps - and then calculates your cash flow for you.

Its simple, 8 step process guarantees a professional result and you'll find it's packed full with handy user-tools to make entering data really easy and online helptips to answer questions about every individual aspect of the task.

What's more it will seamlessly adapt to provide a more sophisticated financial model when you need it so you will always be able to meet the demands of any platform or lender. 

We're convinced it the fastest, easiest and best-supported way to get this job done, and it will add a real professional sheen to your submission.

Download it now and get started!