For accountants and consultants: the spreadsheet you'd build yourself if you had the time

Fast, efficient and completely professional.  

A powerful time-saving tool for accountants and consultants 

With huge experience of building small business forecasts we've refined a highly focused and efficient process and a brilliant spreadsheet tool that works every time.  It's unbelievably quick and effective, which gives it great customer appeal, and makes it more profitable to do.

Built for the job in hand

With all common accounting issues pre-configured and easy customisation of client specific details - from creating a bespoke charts of accounts right through easy data-entry and effortless pdf report production - and all built around a logical 8-step process - you won't find a more efficient or cost-effective tool.

More highly valued by clients

And apart from the time it will save you and the flexibility of its final output the template offers another key advantage.  Unlike most accountancy tools this one is entirely transferable between client and advisor. This means it's suitable for any approach from the complete delivery of final, finished numbers through to any degree of collaboration and support you may want to offer.  

So your client always has the option of a user-editable model they can actually use and understand, and your service is much more highly valued as a result.

A range of professional packages and partner opportunities

Working with clients on their business-planning and fund-raising is a great way for you to expand your services, fees, and client-engagement.  

You can use the template straight from the download, or talk to us about professional pricing for repeat professional use, plus a range of support and training options.

We can also customise and 'brand' the template for you, increasing recognition of your services, or 'white-label' our full forecasting consultancy services to provide them as sub-contractors on your behalf, or we can work on a simple paid referral basis.  

Call Simon Thompson on 01225 438438 about what works for you.