All the help you need.

Packed full of inbuilt help.  Easy for your advisors to support, or turn to us for expert, affordable help.

Every step supported with instant online helptips

The Edge template relies on a logical, proven process that's easy to follow.  Each practical step is supported by a wealth of instant help and advice to explain unfamiliar concepts in plain English.   You don't need to be a financial genius to get a quick, professional and impressive result.

Your own advisors can easily help

Because the Edge template adopts a conventional approach to accountancy using well-understood concepts, your own professional advisors will have no trouble helping you complete your Edge forecast if you need more assistance.

In fact you'll find they'll welcome the template's clarity and professionalism as they help you grow your business, and they'll love working with it as much as you do!

Edge Telephone & Email Support - ultimate peace of mind

Sometimes even our extensive inbuilt help and whatever advice you can beg, steal or borrow from friends and advisors may not be quite enough.  That's why we offer an affordable pay-as-you-go helpline that's guaranteed to answer any question you have about your forecast and the issues that surround it.

Staffed by experts, we can answer questions on:

  • the key principles of an effective forecast, whatever your specific objectives
  • technical use of the spreadsheet and general Excel techniques and functions
  • how to approach and edit assumptions, budgets and scenarios
  • how to review your forecast as you work
  • how to produce great looking reports effortlessly
  • the accounting issues that affect your forecast, especially around your 'opening balances'. 

We can also offer practical help to actually carry out spreadsheet and Excel tasks for you, via a simple, free screen-sharing utility while you're on the line.  A great way to get things done fast and right!

For Edge Support - Call 01225 438 438

  • Unlimited telephone and email support.
  • One initial support call FREE with every template.
  • £35 per month or £75 for 3 months. 
  • No ongoing subscription.  Just pay in advance by card at the start of your first paid-for support call and renew as required.
  • The helpline is open 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays).

And finally, if numbers just really aren't your thing....

Edge Forecast - a complete service that does it all for you...

We understand that for some people the very idea of numbers is a bit of a nightmare.  Whether it's a fundamental lack of interest or just the fact that you've got so many other more pressing demands on your time, it may be you'd rather just hand this over to a specialist and get it done.

Well relax!  We can help.

Our sister business 'Edge Forecast' offers a total forecast service which pro-actively manages the whole process for you from start to finish.  It will save you time and effort and the price includes:

  • telephone consultancy to scope your requirements precisely
  • tailoring and building your forecast, including more complex modelling not available in the basic template
  • advising on accountancy issues
  • completely supporting you as you take ownership of your numbers and produce your final reports
  • a fast turnaround, usually within 48 hours

Sound like the answer?  

Learn how this fast, efficient and totally proven service has helped others by visiting or call Simon Thompson on 01225 438438